Small Comforts: English Tea and Biscuits


My husband brought PG Tips back from London years ago when he was on a work trip.  He told me our English friend said it was the best tea.  Now it’s readily available in the U.S. and I pick it up at Whole Foods along with some McVitie’s digestives.  They look and taste like cookies dipped in chocolate, but they’re not right?  They’re digestives and that is what I call them.  A strong British cup of tea and a biscuit are often my mid-morning small comfort.  What is yours?

8 thoughts on “Small Comforts: English Tea and Biscuits”

  1. I think I want my mid morning comfort to be yours! I need to get to Wholefoods. I love good British tea.

    Mine is that second cup of coffee when my son is napping and my daughter is in school. The house is quiet and I have an hour to myself.

  2. Two cups of excellent coffee in bed first thing the morning as we discuss the day ahead. A pot of Twinings English Breakfast tea and a good book by the fire in the evening, after dinner is done, all chores completed and the house neat and tidy. These comforts bookend my day.

  3. You can add me to the hot drink/sweet treat camp!

    After wrestling my toddler down for a nap she doesn’t want but desperately needs, I like to sit near a window in a soft chair with tea and cookies! Right now I’m loving spicy tea like Stash’s spice dragon red chai and Enjoy Life’s sugar crisp cookies. I used to adore Carr’s ginger lemon cremes, they had the spice and the sweet in one bite 🙂

  4. Your husband had excellent taste. PG tips is the best tea. I have a mug of it right beside me now. xx

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