To Honor You on Your Birthday

I posted this on FB and I’m up to 21 soccer balls.  I know you’d be happy knowing little kids are getting to play with real soccer balls in your honor.  If any of my readers who I’m not friends with on FB would like to contribute, I copied my message below and you can just click on the gifts to purchase.  There’s also a link to a great video at the end. World Vision is a great organization.

I am asking that in honor of Dan’s birthday this year (Dec 17th), anyone who wishes to remember him in this way, purchase soccer balls for children from the World Vision Gift Catalog here:

You can choose from:
2 balls for $16
4 balls for $32
6 balls for $48

**When you check out, you have the opportunity to SEND AN ECARD. PLEASE send it to I will keep track of how many balls we can contribute as a group from now until December 17th.

As many of you know, Dan was a serious soccer fan, and a writer for ESPN. But to him, soccer was much more than just a game; it was a chance for people to unite. I’d love your help in honoring his memory in this way for what would have been his 35th birthday. Thanks.
This is the link to a video with more information here.

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