Sweet Dreams

Sometimes I think I can offer you tributes for the rest of my life.  It’s so easy for me to do, but it doesn’t make all of this untrue.

I wrote some notes on an endless list of things that you did or accomplished or were…but less really is more and there is one story you told me when we were first dating that comes into my mind frequently so that is the one thing I decided to share with others tonight after a long day.

When you were in college, a little boy from Korea needed a heart operation in the States in Boston.  I’m not sure if it was hooked up through your church (most likely), but you wound up “hosting” this boy and his mom in your dorm room.  You didn’t even have an apartment.  You just gave up your college dorm room for this little boy and his mom.  And not only that, but you told me how you wanted him to feel welcome so you taped up cute wrapping paper you had and drew him some pictures saying “Sleep well,” and “sweet dreams.” (above in first photo) Much later, while we were dating, a friend of yours came to “crash” at your apartment and wound up staying, oh I don’t know, a year?  And you, by your own choice, slept on the wooden floor next to him in a sleeping bag while he slept in your bed without complaining once.

Most people will remember your musical genius, loyalty, and great smile.   I will remember these small and often unknown selfless acts…this pure and child-like way of loving others, including me, so very well.

Happy birthday Dan.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams”

  1. Beautiful. I love the stories you have shared about him. Thank you for sharing. I believe that so many people's lives have been enriched from you sharing.

    Much love to you, Julia.

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