Planet of the Apes

I ask a friend the other night on the phone, “You’ve seen “Planet of the Apes right?”

“Yeah, yeah…”

“Remember that eery moment at the end where they find the crown of the Statue of Liberty and realize that they’ve been on earth all along?  This is how it feels when I catch glimpses of where I am now. “


The same place- my home.  I catch them when I recall a very mundane memory or details of you or our life together or when I find a physical object of yours.  All remnants of the past.  Things that don’t seem to belong here in a world it feels like I traveled to on July 6th.  What is that doing here? I almost think.  It’s an eery, earthy moment, when I realize I am in the same place-
in a very,
different time.

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