Nothing New

I get that people who haven’t been through this can’t “get” it.  I couldn’t have before, and that is no one’s fault.  I’m glad not too many people do.

But every now and then I’m reminded exactly how much people don’t know my world…like yesterday when an acquaintance asks me how I’m doing and I sigh and say “You know, not great,” and she looks surprised and says, “Why? What’s going on?”

I patiently tell her, “Oh nothing new- you know-the same things.”  (ie, You know, my husband tragically dying less than a year ago- still kinda stuck on that one…)

This has happened a few times before.  No harm meant, no harm done- but just…eye opening.

2 thoughts on “Nothing New”

  1. I find this too – I answered the how are you with "feeling pretty down, actually," and have had someone say "yeah, I know the weather makes me bummed out too." So hard not to say "um, actually, it's the whole still dead thing." Yeah. I'm still on that. Go figure.

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