Mother’s Day 2011

by | May 8, 2011 | 1 comment

From my first Mother’s Day- 2009- before you’d started touring.  Last year you were away on Mother’s Day.

Thank you Dan- for making my dream of motherhood come true.  For that, I am forever grateful.

It is bittersweet now certainly,
but still
each time I am brushing Audrey’s hair away from her face with my fingers,
or tickling her in the same spots where you were so ticklish while she giggles,
or lifting her up on my legs the way you used to, I am whispering “Thank you…”

Do you hear me?


May 8, 2011

1 Comment

  1. Anne D

    What a wonderful photograph of Dan! What a warm, happy memory. Yes — bittersweet now, but that sweetness clings tight.


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