The Meaning of Life

by | Mar 20, 2011 | 7 comments

The other night Audrey asked me for a picture of her appa to keep in her crib at bedtime- “to protect her.”  Not sure where she even learned that concept.

Today we walked along the river in the afternoon just to get some fresh air.  I got a tea at Whole Foods.  On the way back I felt so tired, I needed to sit down on a bench facing the river.  Audrey has a cold and sat bundled up with a hat almost covering her eyes, nose running a bit.

I asked her, jokingly to myself really, “What do you think of all this Audrey?  Is life good?” and finally,
“Audrey- what is the meaning of life.”

While gazing at a few geese on the grass in front of her and appearing in a daze, she spoke softly, still staying in that daze…”ope.”  I lean in, curious what she said and fascinated that she would even attempt an answer…”what did you say?”

“Did you say hope?”


March 20, 2011


  1. Jane Jasmine

    Bringing tears to my eyes, as I read – as usual… thinking of you and believing that one day you will have the hope which does not disappoint us…..Rom 5:5

  2. Ann

    wow, she is incredible. out of the mouths of babes. love you julia….

  3. Brooke Simmons

    I am so glad you are recording these precious moments.

  4. christy


  5. Susan Cho

    wow…God is speaking to you through Audrey… It has to be.


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