The Meaning of Life

The other night Audrey asked me for a picture of her appa to keep in her crib at bedtime- “to protect her.”  Not sure where she even learned that concept.

Today we walked along the river in the afternoon just to get some fresh air.  I got a tea at Whole Foods.  On the way back I felt so tired, I needed to sit down on a bench facing the river.  Audrey has a cold and sat bundled up with a hat almost covering her eyes, nose running a bit.

I asked her, jokingly to myself really, “What do you think of all this Audrey?  Is life good?” and finally,
“Audrey- what is the meaning of life.”

While gazing at a few geese on the grass in front of her and appearing in a daze, she spoke softly, still staying in that daze…”ope.”  I lean in, curious what she said and fascinated that she would even attempt an answer…”what did you say?”

“Did you say hope?”

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