Second Valentine’s Day

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In 2001, I filled my own small red spiral notebook with things that I loved about you.  I typed them up into little poems that I printed out on the computer and then pasted in.  They’re pretty corny, don’t always rhyme, and have a lot of inside jokes but I have to add them to the word keeping just the same. (though I also edited out a few)   We were 23 and 24 years old.  Things were a lot different back then, but I’m also struck by how much you were the same as you were when you died almost ten years later.

I’m not sure if I showed it that well in the last year or so, but I adored you and adore you still.

“Dear Daniel…I wanted to let you know all the good and beautiful things I see in you- some are funny, some are amazing, and of course, the list isn’t complete…just wanted you to know how much I see in you.”

You always call me on the phone
when you’re hanging out with friends
and when i’m by myself at home
your “checking in” never ends.

You get along with people of all kinds
different classes, races, different minds.

You bring me flowers after work
If I’m sick or my boss is a jerk
You even pick out a happy color
When my day couldn’t get any duller.

You work hard to make a living
But you’re generous and giving.

You always pray for me
When we struggle or when I’m sad
Your cries to God on my behalf
lift the weight and make me glad.

You have a way of being gentle
it’s perfect when i’m being mental.

Sometimes I think you’re a history buff
You really know a lot of stuff.

You have a lot of energy
I think it comes from Coke
But generally you tend to be
quick with a smile or a joke.

The sound of your voice
is my favorite noise
I don’t think I’ve found 
a more beautiful sound.

You have a stable mind
And it’s steady pretty much all the time.

You never watch dumb TV
you wouldn’t waste your time
I guess you’re not like me
watching “Friends” every night.

I like your taste in music 
ANd hope you never lose it,
It must be so refined
To be so much like mine!

Your joyful spirit
makes me want to be near it.

Your teeth are so straight
ANd I don’t think they’re yellow
Your smile is great
my retainer wearing fellow.

You trust in God with all your heart
I think that makes you more than smart.
Reminding me to do the same.
Always praying in His name.

You persevere when things get tough
In your work, music, and in our love.

You tell me over and over
And make sure that I hear it
You like me for my spirit
And not just my appearance.

WIth your sense of direction you always know
Which subway car to be in and which way to go.

Your skin is so clear
You’d never have to fear
ugly pimples like I do
And you use biore on your nose too.

Your creativity is one of a kind
Surprising me all of the time.

You work very hard and late
Whether you’re a temp or a perm
I think your work ethic is great.

You sing me night time lullabies
That bring sweet tears to my eyes.

You know so many facts
about the culture of our day
It sometimes astounds me
And I don’t know what to say.

You are sensitive to me
You know what I need.
A listening ear
Or just for you to be near.

You bring stuffed animals to life
You make them dance and sing
Kipper, Apeman, and Lion King.

If we hang up late at night
You always call back if things weren’t right.

You honor your father and mother
you are an excellent son
I wish I was as good of a daughter
my respect you have won.

You say sorry and thank you more than you should
But I wouldn’t change that even if I could.

Your congressman smile
drives me so wild.

You don’t have to chatter
about worthless things
The stuff you say matters
Your lyrics I can sing

You always surprise me
with gifts that you buy me
An exotic Indian dress
I never could have guessed

You have faith like a child
You are tender and mild.

You’re a man who fears God
and you honor him too.
By the life that you lead
and the things that you do.

I think you must be very smart
To pick up things as fast as you do
To put together every part
Of my trampoline until you were through.

You sure do have a grateful heart
I hardly know just where to start
But you bless me with your thankful thoughts
IT’s something I definitely need to be taught.

I love the way you ask me
…”how are you?”
every time we talk or write
what a selfless thing to do.

I have to agree with the rest
You are one humble guy
and not just in music
but every respect

Your analogies are the best
I always get so blessed.

I didn’t think I’d ever like feet
But I think your bladefoot’s kinda neat

Hospitality is a gift of yours
You always pass the test 
You demonstrate your servant’s heart
In waiting on all of your guests.

Conan, VH1, and Les Mis too
You take me to cool places
Like Central Park and to the zoo.

You can write picture perfect songs for me
But on my birthday you had to plead
to get a room to play
at the University.

When I get discouraged
You’re so quick to encourage
You always know what to say
Make me feel better when we pray.

Always complimentary
Telling me I’m pretty
There’s no better man
than my boyfriend Dan.

When I babble on and on
you listen to me just as long.

Your speeches and your writing
leave me without words.
I think you’re the most romantic speaker
I have ever heard.

You wear the same pants day after day
You tell me they’re clean, what more can I say?

Always dishing out my food
When we’re out or at home.
It puts me in a happy mood
Makes me feel that I’m your own.

Always willing to apologize
Even when I’m wrong
I think that’s one quality
That makes you really strong.

Affectionate and sweet
Cuddling is a treat.

You’re thrifty but not cheap
Your rent is really steep
But somehow you always manage
to take me out
for dinner or a little treat

Basketball is a favorite sport 
You know every move on the court
In fantasy you rule
I think it’s really cool.

You always take me to the bus
And wave as I get on
You’re never in a rush
Or happy that I’m gone.

When it’s freezing out you hold me close
You pretend that you’re macho and bold
But if the truth be told
It’s really because you’re so cold.

When a normal man might go insane
You hardly ever do complain
You always try to be content
You know the proper time to vent.

You look both sharp and smart
Dressed up in your clothes from Kmart.

Silly and goofy
that’s how you are
But I have to tell you
That I like it so far.

Your writing is like a children’s book
Simple and always beautifully put.

You’re a crazy sports fan
Yelling in the stadium
It’s embarrassing…
but kinda fun.

You pick up every baby
It’s just the cutest thing to see
In them you see God’s glory
thank you for showing me.

You can cook pretty well
And you volunteer too
As far as I can tell
that’s all a good man’s supposed to do.

You can appreciate nature
Which is really important to me
It helps us know our creator
observing together quietly

You are faithful, it’s so true
in love and basketball
by never giving up on me
by rooting for the losing team.

It’s hard to stay mad
or get really sad
my smile is hard to disguise
looking into your puppy dog eyes.

i love you so much…julia


February 15, 2011


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