Stranded Until New Year’s Eve

So there’s the blizzard in the Northeast and after an unsuccessful trip to the airport here in Phoenix, we’re back at my aunt’s with a rebooked flight on Friday- that’s right Friday.

Traveling with a toddler for six nights has taken its toll, and Audrey herself woke up with a fever this morning, so yeah- it’d be nice to be home and back in our own routine…as monotonous as that sometimes is.  And I feel terrible for my aunt to have us unexpectedly for another entire week.  But…other than that- I don’t really mind very much.  What does it matter?  I never understand why people get so flustered.  And, I especially hate it when people seem surprised that humanity doesn’t have it all down yet.  People seem shocked that the airlines aren’t functioning perfectly due to a blizzard, or that they don’t have things updated online.  Where do people think we’re living?  If you’ve been alive any amount of time, why do these kind of things surprise you?  But yet, you always see those people on the news being interviewed- the ones stranded in the airport saying, “We’ve been here for three hours.  I mean, c’mon.  It’s ridiculous…ridiculous!” 

It’s a change of plans- yes.  It was a bit stressful this morning- sure. 

But I have a very different benchmark with which to measure things now. 

When you receive a phone call mid-morning telling you your 33 year old husband is dead- you lose any illusion of control.  And a change of plans?  Before July 6th, I planned on welcoming my husband home, getting pregnant, purchasing our first home, putting a little t-shirt on Audrey that said “Big Sister,” and growing old with my sweet husband.  In an instant, I was a widow, single mother, living in a one bedroom with an only child, with no plans for any future besides trying to survive. 

A cancelled plane flight is quite small no? 

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