I was fortunate to see another side of Dan, having worked with him 4+ years at MediaVest, in a role that couldn’t be further from his on stage presence.  Art vs the science of digital ad trafficking, creativity vs process, on stage adulations vs. behind the scenes in an often thankless role.  And yet the same commitment to excellence, the same dedication to his craft and to supporting everyone around him played out on our stage everyday.  

Dan always put the spotlight on everyone else, praising their work and making sure their voice was heard.  His daily “hey, yeah, how are you doing?” always accompanied by a warm smile was the best greeting of the morning – and usually the evening, as Dan worked tirelessly to make sure we met our deadlines.  Even after he left MediaVest to pursue his dream, he would stop by to check up on us – not to regale us with stories of the tour, but to see how he could help.”

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