…Because we miss you

Another letter from a friend of yours:

all in all, dan had contagious optimism that all is possible.  he pursued his career dream and lived it to the fullest, by being a musician. how many of us can say that we’ve even scratched the surface of pursuing our dream job and seized the day? almost none of us, as most of us have compromised our dreams for immediate satisfaction. with dan, he was committed…and i hope we can celebrate his passion for living life to the fullest.

we all think big while growing up as children, hoping to become an astronaut, president, or rockstar. but as we get older, we compromise our dreams and shutter them away and acquiesce to the realities of life. as for dan, he never stopped thinking big and i believe that’s how he was able to accomplish some of his achievements in life, such as performing with coldplay and blogging for ESPN. he was a dreamer who followed through on his dreams.

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