Baby Shower Questions July 2008

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I can’t believe in July of 2008, you were answering these questions about our baby to be…and by July of 2010- you were dead.  A friend who had helped ask you these questions (which were read as a surprise to me at the shower) just emailed this to me.  More weeping for me…thanks Abbie- I guess.


1.  What excites you most about becoming a dad?

being able to hold the baby in my arms

2.  What do you think will be Julia’s strengths as a mom?

way too many.  she is very wise, and always stands for what is right.  she’ll teach honesty and integrity, to do what is right always, and how to be polite and good.  she’ll always be loving

3.  What do you look forward to as a parent?

when the baby becomes MVP of the 2022 world cup (i’ll take the superbowl or the oscars/grammys/espys) and thanks us on the podium.

ok, kidding….

i look forward to seeing & learning the world through the baby’s eyes.

4.  What will you be in charge of, task-wise?  (ex: diapers, laundry?)

i will play with the baby.  and that’s it.

ok, kidding.

i will change the diapers as long as they are not cloth diapers.

5.  What do you think will be your strengths as a dad?

i think i’ll be fun and amusing to the kid, that i would make him/her happy easily.

6.  What do you look forward to teaching Baby Cho?

how to play soccer, piano, and build legos

7.  If you could tell Baby Cho something right now, what would it be?

that he/she is & will be loved no matter what

8.  Do you think Baby Cho is a boy or a girl?

i don’t care either way.   if i say one gender, and turns out to be the other, he/she won’t like it.

9.  If you could dedicate a popular song to Baby Cho right now, what
would it be?

not too many people know this song, but ‘my eyes’ by travis
‘beautiful day’ by u2
‘born in the usa’ by springsteen?

10.  Is there anything you’d like to tell Julia right now?

she will be the world’s best mom, and she can still continue to be the world’s best wife if she wants to. 


December 10, 2010


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