3 thoughts on “and we love you always.”

  1. Thinking of you and Audrey today. I think the birthday must be one of the hardest milestones- as you said yesterday it is supposed to be a celebration of life and that's kinda hard to put into perspective. Andie's birthday is on the 26th and I'm dreading it…sending you hugs and prayers today.

  2. Julia, I just finished reading all the tribute letters to Dan and I have tears running down my cheeks. You were so incredibly blessed to have been given the gift of him…though I know that you know this. I can tell he was truly an honorable person worthy of all of the good things in life. I wish I knew him after reading all of that. What an honor that God chose you to have him, even if it was too short. I'm so deeply disappointed for Audrey- she deserves to have had more time with him. As did you. My heart is warmed knowing that you have such wonderful memories of the man you loved.

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