Losing Faith

We all go around walking in faith each day, whether we think we’re religious or spiritual or whatever the hell you’re comfortable calling it.

We cross the street in faith that the car stopped at the light or crossing won’t decide to run us down.

We take an airplane ride in faith that we’ll arrive safely at our destination.

We eat a piece of food in faith that it won’t block our airways and we won’t choke to death.

We close our eyes in faith that we’ll wake up again the next morning.

This was my thinking before you died.  I’d even written it down as an idea for a writing piece.

But now I see it differently.

It really isn’t in faith that we do any of these things…it’s more like studies and predictions.  We grow up doing these things and time after time, we see that all goes well.  That is our evidence.  And every time we get into a car or ride a plane and arrive safely, we store up more security…but false security really.  Because just because you’ve taken 100 flights on a plane safely, doesn’t really have anything to do with the one plane you’re on today.

Wait, I forgot where I was going with this- I think what I realized is that the faith we have, the faith that I had before this happened, that hopefully nothing would happen to Dan while he was traveling…that he would be safe and return to us, was faith in the visible- faith in the things seen before.  So, I guess what I am saying…is that if I lose my faith- it’s faith in the visible I’m losing…which was never really as scientific as it seemed.  Faith in the invisible- that is still safe- untouched- because by it’s very nature- it is unprovable.  And maybe once that false faith in the visible steps down, there is finally a place for real, true faith- “the substance of things hoped for…the evidence of things not seen.”  Hebrews 11.1

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  1. Wow- somehow I missed this post earlier and I'm glad I found it! Such a beautiful way to look at faith. I question mine often, especially since everyone keeps telling me to "just have faith". I like your perspective on this…gives me food for thought.

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