Logistics of an After World

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The whole new heavens and new earth has become increasingly important to me again lately.  It was in the beginning when I obsessed over whether or not Dan was alright.  Then the counselor says, I turned to myself and my own personal sorrow because of his loss.  Now it’s back.

And I’m stuck in the logistics of it all- how it would work- which seems rather silly since it’s such an unknown for us.  If it’s otherworldly, it’s difficult to try to put it into terms we know.  But at the same time, a lot of modern theologians are all about saying it will be very much like earth- a new earth- unbroken, unpolluted by sin and suffering and death.  They emphasize the points in the Bible that explain that we will not be flighty spirits communicating telepathically- but that we will have vocal chords and we will eat food.  There will of course, be a great banquet.

But still I wonder- how would ancient civilizations and modern civilizations interact?  Would they?  Would we use computers?  Would we have to teach them?

What about language- will there be words?  It seems to be a very important part of humanity, but it also says in the Bible that the Spirit groans and moans for us in words we cannot understand…so there could totally be an alternative to language I suppose…though I love words.

And will we like each other?  I mean, will we like everyone in heaven?  This is a hard thing to grasp since here on earth, our unique personalities usually mean that we just don’t click with certain people…it’s a result of our uniqueness though so it’s hard to imagine clicking with everyone and still being so unique.

These are just a few conundrums I came up with without really giving it much thought.  Not sure why I bother since I’ll never know until that day either comes or does not.

Logistics are important- but I suppose they’re not everything.  Logistically, if you told me about our current world- I don’t know if I’d ever think it would work if I didn’t live here.  It doesn’t work that well, but it functions- it holds.


September 16, 2010


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