I Do Not Know

Someone I barely know but had a lengthy conversation with the other day about grief and loss, told me that she believes admitting we don’t know the answers is the bravest and must humble thing we can do in the face of this.  I had been telling her that, to me, to say it’s all just a big mystery seems like a total cop out.  But in the end, that’s really what even the best theologians tell us.

To admit that I don’t know and never will…

The other night I listened to yet another Keller sermon.  In this one he stated that if you believe in a God that is big enough to have stopped the natural disaster or car accident or drowning…then it follows logically that you have to also believe that he might have reasons that you couldn’t possibly understand.

This is a true statement.

I don’t really struggle with bitterness or anger towards God.  A friend was telling me on the phone the other night that the older she gets the more there are just two answers to everything and I agree.  No, I am not angry with God.  He either is, or he isn’t.  Interestingly enough, he called himself simply, “I AM.”

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