More Absence

It’s funny how people keep telling me they felt your presence last night throughout the concert- in the music, the stories, the words spoken.

All I felt

was your absence.

2 thoughts on “More Absence”

  1. CS Lewis, A Grief Observed:
    … What pitiable cant to say,'She will live forever in my memory!' Live? That is exactly what she won't do. You might as well think like the old Egyptians that you can keep the dead by embalming them. … What's left? A corpse, a memory, and (in some versions) a ghost. All mockeries or horrors. Three more ways of spelling the word dead. It was H. I loved. As if I wanted to fall in love with my memory of her, an image in my own mind!

  2. Oops, meant to post a link to more of the above excerpt:

    I can't recall if you told me you'd read this book or not. It is honest and searing; Lewis wrestles with the angel of death, wrestles with God, wrestles with his faith or no-faith. He minces no words in delineating his grief and the process he, a new widower, must endure; the cosmic questions that erupt from him are blunt and sometimes angry. Often your writing in this blog reminds me of his. (That is a compliment.)

    Peace be with you. My thoughts and prayers continue.

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