In the Middle

At midday the descent begins, determining a reversal of all the values and all the ideals of the morning. C.G. Jung

My daughter and only child, I realize one day, is in the middle of her time with me. In another nine years she will be in college. We have only eight more summers to take family vacations. I am entering the middle of my life, and I still barely recognize it. I’m not at all where I expected to be. But here we both are together for a brief moment—in the middle.

I wrote this short piece last year in the spring time, and it was too late to submit anywhere because spring was ending by then, and my final paragraph hinged upon it being spring. So…I waited until this spring. It’s up today and you can read the rest here.

4 thoughts on “In the Middle”

  1. Oh this was just so beautiful. Thank you for writing it. I’ve always struggled with being hyper-aware and focused on the unbearably swift passage of time, despite knowing that it just causes me to miss out on now. Framing now as the most ripe, fertile moment of our narrative is so helpful and comforting. Thank you.

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