The Proposal

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So my journal entry for our engagement is so long I wrote it over the course of several days- it leaves out no details, which I’m very glad of now. But I will just go over a few of the highlights as this day is coming to a close and I am remembering:

“I thought he had said we’d meet at the S at Grand Central, but as I walked to the S at Times Square, there he was. He hid behind a pillar even though I’d seen him- and jumped out at me. “
I can still see this so clearly in mind, and since this day have thought of it every single time I take that train.
...So we got to Grand Central. I had to go to the bathroom which led Dan right to the spot he wanted to go- all this gets kind of hazy here I think because it happened fast and I almost passed out.

He stopped at the corner and faced me inwards, putting his hands on my shoulders- he said quickly: “Stay here- have you seen this?” and ran to the other corner on a diagonal…it’s a whispering wall.

I heard him whisper my name “Hey Julia,” and by the tone I knew. I think I began to panic so I turned to go- “Hey Dan, let’s go!” but he stayed in his spot and motioned me to go back so I reluctantly did.

“I love you.” “Will you marry me?” All the blood rushed to my head and I just turned around saying, “No- you’re kidding…no!” (Not no that I wouldn’t but in disbelief that he was proposing) A NYC cop was standing right there watching the whole thing.

Finally Dan walked across and got down on his knee and gave me the ring. Finally he stood up and finally I said yes. I put the ring on my finger, we kissed, and went to sit down because I told him I might pass out. The cop was clapping by now.

My finger was trembling a lot as I looked at the ring.

At first I wasn’t sure about the proposal- Why Grand Central? I kept thinking it would be Central Park, but then he explained and he had put a lot of thought into it- that Central Park was too common- I always commented on the beautiful architecture at Grand Central- and I had, right as we walked down the hall that very day-commented on the beautiful hanging chandeliers.

So, we walked out and decided to go to the W for a drink- beautiful lounge area- I called mom and dad- Dan went up to the bathroom and then motioned me up to the balcony- he wanted a kiss in private. We hadn’t kissed on the lips since april for some insane reason I’d come up with.

We went to the evening church service- Dov announced our engagement and we got prayer. We also took communion for the second time that day…this time as an engaged couple.

Aftewards we went with Dov, Emma, and Peter Eavis to Baker Street Pub, celebrated while watching soccer, took a cab back to Dan’s, told Paul and Patrick-called Dan’s dad and left a message with his mom. I remember he wrote on a napkin how to say “We got engaged” in Korean so I could say it to them.

Dan came over to Jersey with me- though it was 12 pm by then- mom had wanted me to wake her and show her the ring-eventually I did.

So…so we’re engaged and I think that was the happiest day of my life- everything has changed. Everything is different. The dynamic of our relationship- now we finally have that commitment.

“You’re gonna be my wife” “You’re gonna be my husband!” we had said right after.


August 4, 2010


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