Remembering Simple Things

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Going to IKEA- you’d get our meals-I’d go get a seat. Then you’d come and get A. a high chair.

We’d share a dessert and a cup of coffee- of course you’d get a refill- you HAD to get refills if they were free.
Going to the movies- because of my craziness- we’d always have to arrive extra early so I got to have my choice of seats. You’d wait for me to choose and laugh at my insanity. Then we’d take turns going to the restroom while the cartoons or stupid trivia played. We often brought our own soda or popcorn I made because it was so much cheaper, but sometimes we’d splurge and share a popcorn and large Coke. Our hands would keep bumping into each other because I couldn’t stop eating it- but you’d always cede to me. Then I’d yell at you for eating it so fast and rushing me. During the movie, you’d always reach for and hold my hand. After movies, we’d always analyze and critique what we saw for a long time. We loved doing that.
Going for a walk- with Audrey we walked a lot- along the river near here- and sometimes in my parent’s neighborhood. When we lived at their house- we sometimes took a long walk alone to have some time together while Audrey slept in her swing. We walked all the way up to the town center for pizza. You’d always offer me some of your slice even though I had my own. We’d share a Coke- we hardly ever got two drinks- we always shared. We also went for lots of walks in the city- in the park. And then I remember right before we got married, we would go for walks and pray out loud as we walked- taking turns.
Watching TV- we haven’t had a TV for the last year and a half, but back in the day, it was fun watching TV with you- you’d usually do the flipping- but in the end, unless there was some major sporting event on, you’d let me watch HGTV or something I liked. I loved the sound of your laugh when we watched something funny. We liked The Office, more recently 30 Rock, Arrested Development was a favorite we watched on Hulu. We also loved watching this segment called Target Woman on Current TV. That girl, Sarah Haskins is too funny.
Sharing a meal- was always such a special event. We didn’t go out to eat much since Audrey was born, but that made it even more special. You loved taking me out to special places, and prided yourself on choosing non-cheesy romantic places. I loved how we chose our meals so we’d both get to try two things we liked, sharing an appetizer and dessert. You were so happy to see me happy or enjoying something. But even going to get bagels was fun with you. We weren’t fancy food people- just good food.
Going shopping- we weren’t big fans of shopping malls, but wherever we went, we had a good time- you liked picking out clothes for me and always wanted to buy me things that you thought would look cool on me. You were so proud of the things you picked out and would always point it out when I wore them: the scarf you got in England at a flea market that always got me complements, the classic trench coat that you picked out when I was almost 9 months pregnant at Uniqlo in Soho.
I will miss these simple things Dan- for I really can not believe we won’t get a chance to watch one more movie together, go for just one more walk, or share one more meal. These are the basics of life I guess- just the things we as humans do. We eat, we play, we walk, we talk. For all of these things, I couldn’t have asked for a better companion.


August 7, 2010


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