Red-Tailed Hawk

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You and I loved those. We saw the famous ones by Central Park a few times, and we had one we saw a couple of times outside our window here- soaring around the hi-rises up on the cliff. You marveled at the wing span and the way they could soar without flapping for such a long time. You told me this just recently, though I can’t remember exactly when.

So, just now- trying to get in a little more ranting out loud to you before Audrey wakes from her nap.
“I’m telling you how you died, how you never came home- even though you said you would. No, you died and came home in a coffin – I saw your dead body!”
Just then I see the red-tailed hawk- soaring outside the window. He soars around in circles- barely flapping. I run to the window and kneel by all the bags scattered there of your journals and our albums. And I just watch him for a long time- until he finally flies out of sight.


August 3, 2010


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