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Realized when I go to the Google sign on Dan’s iphone it lists the history of all of the things he looked up with his voice search that was so cute/funny to see him do. You can tell a lot about a person by what they’ve googled in the month before they died…what they did, what was important to them, and things they wanted to learn about:

Grover: This was because we were having a debate whether Grover was blue or purple. I think I told Audrey he was purple and Dan said he was blue.
Scotty’s Taxi: This was the taxi I recommended to take Dan to Newark airport on 6/29/10-the last time I saw him.
Babette’s Feast: This was a play we saw in the city on 6/25/10- our last date- our friend Abbie had conceived and written the play and was starring in it. We had a lovely evening. I think he was doublechecking the address as we were walking there together from Port Authority.
Bryant Park Grill: Before we went to see the play, Dan surprised me and told me to come in early- he had made reservations at Bryant Park Grill. We had a wonderful dinner together-sitting outside in the park… enjoying every bite. We had calamari with avocado and lime to start- he had pork chops, and I had ravioli- we shared a delicious rhubarb dessert. We each had a glass of wine. There’s a little french carousel there and we decided just the three of us would come there for Audrey’s 2nd birthday in the fall- ride the carousel and have brunch at Bryant Park Grill to celebrate- something simple- just us as a family this year.
Edgewater Library: Checking on the time it was open/closed to return some of Audrey’s books I guess-
I think therefore I am: ? I guess he was wondering who said this.
Whole Foods Edgewater: Checking the time again…
Pizza Gallery Edgewater: Ordering some pizza I guess- don’t remember.
Barnes and Noble Edgewater: I think we were thinking about going there
Greyhound: When his brother Brian stayed with us, he was looking up info for him to get down to Virginia
Little Steps Englewood: We went there to get Audrey’s last pair of shoes together- he was looking for the exact address. We got her sneakers- Dan picked out the color. He was intent on getting a pair of Converse or Adidas, but he asked and they didn’t have A’s size.
Spanish Invasion: I seem to remember us having some conversation about this- but can’t remember exactly why he would’ve looked this up.
Arsenol Goalkeeper: World Cup related stuff
Edgewater Pizza Gallery: Again- I guess with the pizza.
Sesame Street Planetarium Chicago: We had gone to Chicago 5/31 and were thinking of taking Audrey to that show at the planetarium. Instead we wound up doing the aquarium, which she napped for mostly- but Dan and I had a nice time eating lunch together at a nice cafe there while she slept.


August 5, 2010


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