Another Letter

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The first letter you wrote me when you were touring last year- from Carlisle, PA.

On the front, you drew a cute cartoon of yourself with an Amish hat holding your cello and bow. Beside it you wrote, “Amish Dan”
Hey Juls,
This first letter is going to be a little short. I just realized that today is Saturday and the post office closes at noon. I also should find out where the post office is here in Carlisle, pA.

Writing this letter to you feels a bit weird. Not because I’m writing you, but because I’m hand-writing this. Haven’t done this form of writing in a while.

Remember when we used to write each other all the time? We were so in love! I used to not ever run out of things to say- Although I think I can still do that when I’m writing. I just have difficulty talking…Sure…I know it’s not the same as when we first started dating, but as a writer and reader. I know you’ll read this, every word. Now I’m really liking this idea of writing letters.

When you asked me what I love about you and said our relationship maybe started only as a physical attraction, I don’t agree. I was fascinated with your personality. How different you were from me, how you were able to pump out songs/lyrics left and right…I also thought I’d be able to covert/change you in some ways- like eating sushi, sports, movies, but that proved harder than I thought.

I’ll stop for now. I have to mail this so you’ll get it Monday/Tuesday.

And I’m glad I’m doing the handwriting thing, not you. My handwriting penmanship is so much better than yours…Julia, I love you and miss you. You are an amazing person and super mom.

Love you!


August 3, 2010


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