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Saturdays were difficult when you were alive and touring. It’s “family day” for the most part so usually pretty quiet around here.

And I think it’s still the hardest day- with Sunday a close second- I look on Facebook and can’t compete with all the happy family photos- people going fruit picking or to a petting zoo with their smiley kids- untouched by this kind of tragedy.
But today I had a nice visit from a very special friend- and a special gift in discovering on your iPhone the song lyrics to a song you only sang me once- at the end of May- only a couple of months ago- as a belated birthday present since you had been away for my birthday this year…the words all have taken on a new meaning for me now:
I notice the beauty

I notice the beauty
I notice the pain
I notice the things we’ve lost
And all that we’ve gained

The dreams we’re still chasing
The ones we’ve chased away
The child that we hope grows into
a child pure and brave

Sometimes I feel like I could rule the world
And sometimes I feel I barely know myself

Then I’m reminded that I’ve won the girl
And I’m reminded I want nothing else.

Cuz I rule the world.

The skies will be bluer
The moon will glow bright
The strength of the innocence
Will push out the lies

I’ve walked on this long road
getting closer to home
I look forward to holding you
when we grow old
Do you know that I love you?
That one thing remains.
When I am too far away
That still will not change.


July 31, 2010


  1. allie701

    This is heartbreakingly beautiful. Did your husband write this or is it from a song?

  2. Jo Julia

    hi allie- dan wrote this song for me for my birthday. i only heard it played once. I wish i could remember exactly how it went, but I was so happy to discover the words in the notes section of his iphone- on a particularly difficult day, I felt he was using them to speak to me now.

  3. nikki

    that's so beautiful! what gift for you… i've found a lot of comfort and understanding in lyrics lately.
    i wish i could hear that one… would be beautiful, i'm sure.


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