Flowers in the Window

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Just went back through some of my messages on FB from the past few weeks and realized something- one of the people who wrote me condolences is the lead singer of one of my all time favorite bands- Fran Healy of Travis.

Dan and I loved this band and listened to them for years- saw them live and agreed it was the best concert we’d ever been to- the energy, the music- it was just so much fun.
Dan was trying so hard to make a living doing this music thing- he had started getting in touch with so many people- including Fran. Dan was choosey though about who he wanted to play with, and I love that he was contacting all of our favorites- just following his passion and looking to play with the artists he actually respected.
But I just found this:
What shocks me is that Dan never even told me they had really corresponded like this. I remember him mentioning it, but not making it a big deal at all. I think he was always keeping things secret so that he and I wouldn’t be disappointed. Things had fallen through for him a lot when he first got out of college. He’d moved to NY specifically for a music opportunity that later fell through. So he was quite cautious about any possible new opportunities.
Finding out about their correspondence has made me so sad- realizing how much was ahead of Dan- how much he was still working on and how far he’d come…
Listen to “Flowers in the Window” if you get a chance- it is a beautiful song and was the soundtrack to our falling in love, the year of our engagement, and our wedding day.


July 31, 2010


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