Email Dan to Julia April 22, 2010

Your reply to an email I sent in which I complained about my own lack of accomplishments in life:

Hey you,
my beautiful you.

Sorry for not calling from adelaide. It was like there was no
Internet connection in that city, period.

Im in brisbane. Luckily, there’s a mcd nearby. Yay – and that’s where I am

Please do know that youre not a failure – actually far from it.
Remember how many people want to write for apt therapy. Remember all
the people who can’t conceive- we have a beautiful, smart and amazing
daughter. You are a great writer of music and literature. You’re
creative and accomplished, not to mention, a hot wife.

I love you. Always have. Always will. And I know how lucky I am to
have you. I see your amazing qualities and you’re a VIP in my life

I miss you so much. I’ll call you now


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