Grief Looks a Lot Like ‘Crazy’ in ‘Dead to Me’ [Modern Loss]

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I watched the trailer of “Dead to Me” a few weeks ago while I was scrolling on Netflix as a reward for my morning yoga class. I debated watching it at first because usually loss isn’t portrayed very acurately, but I often like to see if writers or actors “get it.” Usually…they don’t. Usually, there is that moment mid-way through the film where the soundtrack picks up and the person gets a makeover or drives to a new city and starts over. Problem solved.

I started watching “Dead to Me” at around 11 am and by the time I had to pick up my daughter at 3 pm, I’d gotten through seven episodes. I finished the rest after she went to sleep. While it’s a fun and twisted ride, there’s actually a lot that this show gets spot on about loss, and it inspired a piece I have up on “Modern Loss” today. Don’t worry if you haven’t watched the show yet- there are no spoilers. You can find it here.


May 30, 2019


  1. Melissa dell

    Dear Julia I just found your blog and have started reading it from the beginning.
    My beautiful husband went to work on 7/4/2019 and didn’t come back
    He had a heart attack and died instantly.
    He was 56…..I am 53.
    I just want you to know that your words are giving me so much comfort in this horrific nightmare…….I’m right at the beginning…….

    • JAC

      Thank you Melissa. I am very sorry for your loss. Hard to see now, but you’re going to be OK.


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