On Grit,Gratitude, & Grace

Today I’m featured in the Staff Picks section of Elephant Journal writing about gratitude in time for Thanksgiving.  Head here to read the piece.  Happy Thanksgiving!

photo (20)


2 thoughts on “On Grit,Gratitude, & Grace

  1. I’m usually a lurker here, (although I thought I wrote a comment on the post below this one, but don’t see it) but had to come out of hiding for this. Thank you for saying something that has been on my mind for a while regarding the #blessed and #grateful movements. You beautifully expressed a viewpoint of gratitude that to me was honest and challenges current trendy #gratitude, without the cynicism my own view often takes. Thank you for reframing this for me and providing (as always) some beautiful food for thought! I am very grateful for your words in my life. Wishing you and Audrey and lovely Thanksgiving!


    1. Thank you again Kerri. I also can be quite cynical, but made a conscious effort to not come across as bitter or angry-so thanks for affirming that! Happy Thanksgiving to you too.


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