Small Comforts: Lovely Notebooks


When I was a little girl, one of my favorite places was the stationary store.  Pens, notebooks, and letter writing stationary were alluring and even comforting to me.  I kept daily diaries from elementary school on, and maintained many pen-pal relationships.  I know today most people do things electronically, but I am content, and yes, comforted, to get out my little stack of notebooks at the start of a day.  Functionality is important of course, but rather than let a rigid sense of discipline alone help me choose them, I always choose what I find beautiful.  That usually means I’ll actually use them.


One thought on “Small Comforts: Lovely Notebooks

  1. Stationary is a small comfort for me, as well. Thank you for sharing your small comforts. My work space is nearly littered with beautiful notebooks, big and small. And the pens…file folders with tiny flowers…embroidered pencil bags…It’s magical how much comfort these small possessions can bring.


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