Small Comforts: English Tea and Biscuits


My husband brought PG Tips back from London years ago when he was on a work trip.  He told me our English friend said it was the best tea.  Now it’s readily available in the U.S. and I pick it up at Whole Foods along with some McVitie’s digestives.  They look and taste like cookies dipped in chocolate, but they’re not right?  They’re digestives and that is what I call them.  A strong British cup of tea and a biscuit are often my mid-morning small comfort.  What is yours?


8 thoughts on “Small Comforts: English Tea and Biscuits

  1. I think I want my mid morning comfort to be yours! I need to get to Wholefoods. I love good British tea.

    Mine is that second cup of coffee when my son is napping and my daughter is in school. The house is quiet and I have an hour to myself.

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  2. Two cups of excellent coffee in bed first thing the morning as we discuss the day ahead. A pot of Twinings English Breakfast tea and a good book by the fire in the evening, after dinner is done, all chores completed and the house neat and tidy. These comforts bookend my day.

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  3. You can add me to the hot drink/sweet treat camp!

    After wrestling my toddler down for a nap she doesn’t want but desperately needs, I like to sit near a window in a soft chair with tea and cookies! Right now I’m loving spicy tea like Stash’s spice dragon red chai and Enjoy Life’s sugar crisp cookies. I used to adore Carr’s ginger lemon cremes, they had the spice and the sweet in one bite 🙂

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