This Is For You

A couple of weeks ago, I was getting flustered about something rather insignificant. Yes, this still happens occasionally…even though I would expect more of myself when I truly do know what matters and what doesn’t. I know it in my bones, and I know it as deep as the bottom goes.

My daughter is so in tune with any emotions or energy I put out, that even though I was doing my mumbling in another room and not for her ears in particular, she heard me.

When I came into the dining room, I found her finishing this at her easel. She pointed and said, “This is for you…”


So completely humbled I felt as she pointed in the direction of the arrows. My frustrations instantly deflated. Seeing it tangibly written out in my child’s handwriting left me feeling like…a fool. Hope and peace- available to me…but only if I choose to receive them.

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  1. Beautiful post. This happens in our house, too. Our little ones are wise beyond their years, which is both triumphant and heartbreaking to me.

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