Divine Orchestration

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In the late 1980’s, I was one of those girls who loved the New Kids on the Block.  I know, I’m ashamed.  But it was true.  My room was plastered with posters of them.  My favorite was Joey McIntyre, otherwise known as Joey Joe.  On my list of life goals was 1) marry Joey followed by a bunch of other stuff like combine my passions by becoming the first female president, redecorating the white house, and singing at my own inauguration.

After about age 13, I took down all those posters and hopefully, my goals started to change a little bit.

So, imagine my surprise when my husband tells me he and his band got a gig touring and opening up for Joe McIntyre, who was making a comeback as a solo artist singing this Frank Sinatra style in a three piece suit and hat.  The same girls, apparently, were buying tickets and going to those concerts- my husband told me from the road.

And then, I was one of them- at BB Kings in the middle of Times Square.  I came straight from work and reapplied my lipstick too.  Except I was there for you.  You played both cello and keys in your set and looked very handsome.  I was very proud.

And then you said you’d take me to meet my very own teen idol. And you went in his dressing room and found him asleep, and woke him.  We took this picture.  I hung around after the show standing by the lines of girls getting autographs from Joe while you packed up your equipment and introduced me to the guys from Joe’s band.  One did magic tricks and you really liked him.  Another one had asked me to take photos of him to email so he could show his wife which I did.  Joey Joe saw me standing around still waiting after all the girls were gone and I even got another “Take care” and “Nice meeting you,” or something like that.

Afterwards, you and I headed back to our apartment in Brooklyn, and even though he was married with child(ren?) you told me you thought he liked me.  That was just you- thinking that everyone would find me as attractive or pretty as you did.  It was laughable but oh so sweet and I miss it.

Back when this happened, I believed in God and divine orchestration in a very different way.  I thought it was sweet of God to let my then husband introduce me to the man I’d dreamed of marrying as a young girl.  I thought maybe God had a sense of humor.  I thought everything was fitting together.  Who knows, maybe it was.


November 29, 2011


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