The Mail

After a birthday party today, I was pretty worn out by late afternoon.

In the mail today, an envelope from an old coworker of yours.

Inside, a notebook another coworker found when she was cleaning out her desk.  It was yours.

In it are a few notes regarding your work.  And a few doodles.

I cry as I run my fingers over the indentations of the ink of the little people you drew.  Audrey is beside me saying “It’s OK mommy, it’s OK.”  I’m so sorry she has to see me like this sometimes.  I wasn’t expecting this in the mail.  I wasn’t prepared.

And then, my new checks come.  Last week I went in to the bank to remove your name from our account.  I hadn’t been able to do that yet.  To make it even more difficult, the bank required I close our account and open a completely new one.  So goodbye to our old account number- and…shared checks.

I opened the checks and was surprised by the smaller looking name and address in the upper left hand corner- just mine.  This is happening.  This is really happening.  It’s just me now.

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