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I wish I’d taken a video of Audrey giggling tonight at dinner.  But I was pretty sure as soon as I got the video camera she’d stop.

We were singing Old MacDonald Had a Farm- one of her new favorites and I was joking saying he had a penguin.  Then she out of nowhere, said “a penguin buries carrots.”  So I said, “What?”  And she just kept repeating it and laughing hysterically at how funny she was.

Tonight after she was in her crib for a while- I heard her giggle on the monitor and I had a feeling she was thinking of that.  Then she giggled again.  Then she said it, “Penguin buries carrots,” and laughed some more.  I loved imagining her thoughts right before drifting off to sleep.

But it was one of those moments where I had no one to turn to- and not just anyone, but really just you- and smile and laugh and marvel at our little girl together.  I just looked up at the ceiling and shook my head as if to say, how can you be missing this?


October 16, 2010


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