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I made a short slideshow for the benefit concert Monday night.

First I had recorded that song I wrote for Dan’s 30th birthday to encourage him about his music career, but in the end, I decided to go with a composition written and produced and played by him.  I wanted to point to him another time, in another way.  I wanted more people to hear what he worked on.  It was written for a small indie film about a year ago.  I remember him working on it and watching the film together.  I had very high hopes for him as a film composer.  He loved films.  A few years ago I bought him tickets to a John Williams concert at Lincoln Center.  Stephen Spielberg was there and they lowered a screen and played scenes from all of the movies Williams scored along with the live orchestra conducted by Williams.  It was a great night.

This is the link to the slideshow I used: here.

But I had also put it together with the first song that I recorded last week so I could compare them before deciding.  A good friend of Dan’s has a production studio and was kind enough to donate his time so I could do this.  I’m very grateful- as hard as it was being in a studio singing again- it felt right to record this song.  We were in a huge time crunch to do it before the benefit so I’d love to work on it more some day, but my only regret is that Dan’s playing will never be on it.  He so wanted me to record this song, but I just never got around to it.  It wasn’t a priority for me, being a new mom, and trying to take care of the practical things while he focused on music.  Now I’m sorry that I didn’t see its importance.  Making music together was a true gift we had.  But for the most part, I left it wrapped up and didn’t bother to tear it open even if things got messy.  So here is that version: 


September 30, 2010


  1. Kristina

    It seems weird to thank you for sharing this journey but I have to. Some days I think I don't want want to even read the posts, but my witnessing is my gift of support across the bits and packets. You are a brave woman and I know you wish more than anything that you didn't have to be. I am trusting the universe to support you and Audrey. Much love to both of you.

  2. rachelle11

    The song you wrote and sing is magical, and I couldn't help but hope that this blog is that letter to him you sing of, and that, everything will be well.

  3. olivia

    How does it make sense that such a good and talented and loving person as your beautiful husband and Audrey's wonderful father has been taken from you? It just makes me sick, and who knows whom to rage at? What a terrible, unfair, cruel loss.

  4. Anonymous

    What a beautiful song you wrote for him. You have a beautiful voice. I am glad you made it through the benefit.

    I am so sorry for your loss and for Audrey not having her father to grow up with.

  5. Anonymous

    i come here everyday.
    hoping to find myself courage to do something for you but i feel helpless. all i can do it seems is to pray for you and dear Audrey.

  6. Anonymous

    btw thanks for sharing the tribute video. His gentle spirit and serious passion for music yet humorous in life really show. If i can see that from 4 mins of the clip, I am sure Audrey will NOT forget how wonderful person he was.
    since you mentioned John Williams, it reminded me the time I picked the theme from Schindler's List for my baby's funeral service. it was my fav music to listen to while i was pregnant with her.

  7. Anne D

    Thank you for creating and sharing this video — both versions. Each moved me. I know they are the same visually, but I had a totally different experience with each one, due to the music. Both compositions are gorgeous — I would put them on my iPod. I had no idea what a talented musician you are, Julie. Such a gorgeous voice with that husky little catch in it at the end of some words or phrases. And the lyrics you wrote — marvelous. I hope you will continue to share your own gift of musical talent as you are able. The song continues….

  8. Zora

    Beautiful slideshow. So much vibrancy in his personality and the way that he interacts with Audrey in those pictures just warms my heart. Music will be such a huge part of your daughter's life with both of you as her parents. Thank you for sharing.


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