Daddy Phone

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When Audrey was in the womb, I read in some pregnancy magazine or website that if you spoke through a used toilet paper roll, the baby could hear you better.  You were happy with the idea and began speaking into my belly through an empty brown toilet paper roll right away.  Later you wrote on it in blue pen “Daddy phone.”  I still have it because I thought it would be neat for Audrey to see some day how you first communicated with her.  You also made up a silly song that you would sing into it:

Are you moving around?
Are you dancing around?
Are you sitting reading newspaper?  (no “the” which I noted to you was not proper but this is the way we sang it)

It was very cute to watch you sing this song to our unborn child when we saw a kick and wondered what she was doing, or what she was like- or even if she was a he or a she.

I wonder what she heard on her end.  It was probably somewhat muted by the thickness of the womb and the swooshing of the amniotic fluid and my digestive system- but she must have, I think, found you charming.  I am wondering what is comparable to that now- what tool I can use to reach you- or is it you who will reach me?  The world is loud and turning- but I listen all day long.


September 12, 2010


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