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Finally decided to open up a big stack of letters and cards- mostly from our earlier dating days- they’ve been tied up with a pretty ribbon for years now.

Found some surprising things I didn’t realize I’d kept- like the scrap paper you wrote “We’re engaged” on in Korean for me so I could tell your parents over the phone the day that you proposed. “Ooh-lih-yahk-hohn-hae-ssuh-yo,” you wrote out for me.
I also found the card you had sent to the room where I was waiting to walk down the aisle on our wedding day. For a solid year (more I think) I’d been watching “A Wedding Story” on TLC and it seemed all the brides got little presents before they walked down the aisle, so I’d told you you’d better get one for me.
Well, you sent me an English soccer jersey- and a white card made of folded letter paper. On the front it says,
the girl of my life
Inside it says:
Can’t believe this is happening. You’re gonna be my wife today!
It’s crazy. I know…but I want you to know that I’m crazy for you. Even when I’m watching sports, (which will be a lot less) I’m thinking about you.
Thanks for being my best friend for the past half decade. Look forward to spending many decades with you.

See you at the altar!

Your soon to be husband,

Our one year anniversary card is made of white resume paper we’d used in our press kit back when we were “Nonfiction.” It’s folded in half and torn on the edges and you tied two pieces together in the corner with a silver ribbon. On the front you just wrote the number 1 in black ink.
1 year is a long time. I remember when I was in 1st grade. Really exciting being in school for the first time. And I couldn’t wait to be a 2nd grader. That one year felt so long—like forever.
But I learned a lot during that one year. I learned how to write, how to do additions/subtractions, about beautiful nature, and lots of fun stories!
Well, this past year has been a long yet short one. But like 1st grade, I feel like I learned so many new basics of life. How to eat right, clean, do budgets…& coexist with another person, a very different person.
Even though a lot of the lessons were hard for me to swallow I want to say, “Thank you” for teaching me those things.
And for being the best wife ever. I hope I have taught you new things as well…

I love you. Happy Anniversary, Juls

Your husband,

I loved how you called me the girl of your life on the front of the wedding day note. You also Daniel, are the man of my life. And I think what we had is enough to last me my whole life- however long that may be.


August 14, 2010


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