I See You

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…in my mind, I see you. When Audrey and I sit outside on the bench, I keep looking towards the street- and I sit and I see you walking towards us. You’re always wearing your red St. John’s t-shirt- the one that’s still in our hamper right now- and you’re always smiling and so happy to see us. You walk slowly with the walk that is so particular to you.

I remember that walk was the very first thing I loved about you…the first day we met.
We were in that physics classroom in Columbia playing our songs on my guitar and you left to go to the bathroom- and I remember watching your walk- the way you kind of dragged your feet just a little- you reminded me of a little boy.
In my vision, you are slowly walking towards us and I am so happy to see you there- I realize this has all been a mistake- and you’re back. I think you’ll have some crazy story to tell about the mix-up.
But then it’s just me sitting on the bench…in the humid air- you’re not there…but I keep looking for you.


August 5, 2010


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