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Very quiet Friday as the weekend fun begins for others.

I am at such a loss today…finding myself so alone- and left to try to go on with some kind of life without you Dan. Today it’s incapacitating. Ran an errand in the morning with a friend and am certainly done for the day.
It is just literally incapacitating- when I stop and think of you- of our quick goodbye before you left. When I hear Audrey saying your name all day long- and when the counselor explains to me the different ways she’ll be grieving.
It is just one month ago today…that I heard.
There is a lot of noise in the apartment today- drilling and hammering and i’m not sure where it’s coming from, but it’s driving me crazy. I have no patience for it.
I thought life was hard before this- but it was not. Now my life is truly hard- now I am a single mom with no income who has lost the love of her life forever in a tragic accident. Now my life is a tragedy.


August 6, 2010


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