Things to Be Grateful For

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Yes there are those still.

  • My parents live nearby and can help with Audrey. She LOVES them.
  • My church family- whom I feel I barely knew- brings me fresh meals every couple of days and has a schedule til September- that blew me away.
  • Though things did get a lot quieter- my support group is still going- still calling, emailing, and helping with Audrey.
  • Everyone who stops by, brings food or a present for Audrey. (I’ve started to hide some away so I have things to take out when I’m having a rough day and so she doesn’t get TOO accustomed to getting five new presents a day!)
  • My friendships are strong- people I have not seen in years have traveled great distances to come and be with me. It didn’t feel awkward at all- we picked up right where we left off.
  • I live in a secure building where the concierge can take packages for me and have an amazing friend/neighbor right downstairs so it’s not as isolating.
  • Though I could worry about money, I don’t really feel I have to- I have family and friends who I know will help look out for us.
  • I have an education and a Masters and will do what I have to do to provide for Audrey and myself.
  • I live near a city with more jobs than most.
  • I have great classes for Audrey that she still gets to go to with my parents- a free one at the library- and the one at the Little Gym for the summer.
  • Audrey has been giving me a much easier time going down for naps and bedtime- as if she knows.
I’m sure there are a lot more- but this is all I can come up with for right now. Being grateful or saying, “well, things could be worse,” certainly doesn’t make them any “better” per say. It’s like when I’ve battled depression and people (Dan sometimes) try to tell me others have it much worse- there are people starving, dying, in a war, people with nothing- how could that make me feel better when it’s so sad. It always made me feel much worse about life in general and the amount of suffering in the world.
So, yeah, thinking of others who don’t have all I have during their own state of grief or tragedy, certainly doesn’t make this “better.” But thinking of the good things I do have- it’s still worth noting.


July 29, 2010


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