Little Things

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Shower. Check.

Audrey’s peacefully napping.
I am breathing.
Was thinking after my shower when I sprayed down the shower with the Method Daily Shower spray- (Dan who worked in advertising for many years would’ve said this was an “ad placement,” but I’m just saying…), (and yes, I sprayed my shower- first time I’ve done it since all this happened but after my friend Ann scrubbed and cleaned the bathroom so well- I felt I owed it to her to try to keep it clean a bit longer), but …yeah, so I was thinking about all the little things that seemed important before. I am a person interested in details, and yes I have OCD as well.
So I worried about spraying that natural shower spray that smells like Ylang Ylang everyday, I bought mostly organic food, I carried my environmentally conscious bags to Trader Joe’s, I used make-up and products without parabens or other chemicals. I think back and I think it all started while I was living in Park Slope where this stuff breeds like crazy and everyone is quite proud of it.
But now it all seems quite silly. I think we live in a culture, at least here in the Northeast- of such self-preservation …as if that was in our control.


July 29, 2010


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