Come All You Floods

Migraine for two days now.   I wonder- is it because the grief was “lighter” all week- is this how the tears I keep manifest themselves?  But along with the migraines, the tears returned last night.  I keep wondering how many tears it is possible to shed…

And I keep thinking- not so much about the migraines, “I can’t stand this anymore.”

“Come all you floods, you clouds, you rains,
Dwell in my eyes! My grief has need
Of all the watery things that nature can produce!
Let every vein suck up a river to supply my eyes,
My weary, weeping eyes, too dry for me,
Unless they get new conduits, fresh supplies,
And with my state agree.”
George Herbert

1 thought on “Come All You Floods”

  1. I wish we — your blog friends — could help you, Julia.

    None of my business, but when grief is overwhelming there is no shame in considering an antidepressant for a while. BTDT.

    Hang in there. I'm saying prayers.

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