A New Hobby

Opening up my email inbox just isn’t the same anymore.

Every day I see the newsletter from the “Drowning Support Network” and the Daily “GriefShare” email.

Today’s email was entitled: “A Remedy for Loneliness: Develop a Hobby or Skill.”

This utterly depressed me and made me laugh at the same time.

This must be geared towards older, retired widows.  I am fairly busy caring for one super active toddler,  trying to sort through all the paperwork that trails behind a death, and figure out how and where we’ll live.  But yeah, in my spare time, I’ll take up knitting or learn Italian.

It has been a searing few days.  I needed desperately to be alone today so friends took Audrey to Sunday school for me.   She was thrilled and seems to love going there with them.  I don’t think I’ve been alone for this long in months.

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