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I check your email when I think of it- not a lot.  Today someone had responded to a comment you left on a YouTube video of Korean wrestling.  It was fun to go and see your comment- something new from you I hadn’t seen.  You left it six months ago.  You basically wrote about how you thought Korean wrestling should be more popular because there was more technique and strength involved than in Sumo.  I could hear you talking about it as I read your words.  So today someone just commented.  They agreed with you Dan.  

I think a crazy thought- should I leave a comment to these commenters and let them know you’re dead.  As if it’s my wifely duty to tell every YouTube video commenter who references you.  I click on your YouTube login name: mungmungdog of course- thinking maybe it’ll bring me to some other comments you left other places that will also feel like little gifts in their newness to me.  
“No recent comments” is what shows up when the screen finally loads.

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