You were very ticklish.

And having you away for a month at a time was so hard on our marriage- and on both of us. I started to resent you while you were gone, and when you came back, it was a tough adjustment for all of us.
So, I came up with an idea that I thought would help release any resentment…I would be allowed to tickle you for the number of seconds equal to the number of days you’d been away… so 30 days- equals 30 seconds of tickling.
Oh it was fun for me- because you let me do it. Even though you HATED being tickled, you let me do it. You lay there, doing that laugh you only did when you were tickled- “heeheeheehee” more like a quiet sputtering coming from the back of your mouth…while I counted and tickled you- mostly under your arms- your most ticklish spot.
Oh my best friend- when I see you again- I will be tickling you for hours…

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