When Dan was on tour or working his 9-5 job in between touring, it was a long day with just Audrey and me.  Any stay-at-home mom knows what I’m talking about.  I am pretty sure it’s much easier in many ways to go to work.

But Audrey and I kept busy- especially while he toured.  We went out every morning- to a playgroup or to the library, her gym class, or just for a walk.  This past winter I did every free trial for every class in the area.  Those free trials created our “winter session.”  But still, we ate most of our meals at our tiny kitchen table by ourselves.  We probably shared about 10 dinners as a family since January- maybe less.

When you were home, with the addition of just one person, the atmosphere in our apartment felt more like a party.  Audrey seemed so much happier and much more excited.  The photo I chose for my profile here was taken on Father’s Day, just a couple of weeks before you died.  I remember Audrey was just jumping up and down with excitement, and I told you that she seemed so much happier when you were around.  Yes, two is better than one- but three- was magic.

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