Another morning.

I’m losing the routine with Audrey.  
After the rough time she had going to sleep last night, she’s still asleep now at almost 8:30 am, when her “old” wake-up time was around 7 am- no later.
This has happened before- this shift in her routine, but usually I force myself to wake up earlier so that I can wake her up, and keep things on schedule.  Otherwise, she has a really hard time taking her nap, and an even harder time going to sleep at night (at least, at the time I’d like her to).
But I took advantage of her extra sleep and just took my shower.  It was a quick one, not a sacred one.  But I was thinking about what we’ll do today.  Again, we have no plans and no visitors.  I still don’t feel up to driving- even down the busy road we live on.  I suppose we can take the same walk as yesterday- maybe bring some bubbles to liven things up.  Do you think she’ll mind?  
Keeping a routine for Audrey seems to be, according to what I read, one of the most important things I can do.  And “don’t make any big changes like potty training or changing his/her bed,” the books say.  
So, this is my struggle.  To keep a routine at the most shocking, non-routine time of my entire life.  Get up, get dressed, get her fed, dressed, and on to an activity or outing.  When what I really want to do is just spend the day laying in bed, being sad.  
It’s 8:27- time to go wake her up and get started.

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