I did a very silly thing just now.

Every few days I go into your email account just to make sure there’s nothing important. And this time I had to write someone from your account- of course explaining that it was me writing- not you.
And then I cc’d myself on the reply.
And then I went back to my email
and saw your name
in my
and forgot what I’d just done.
My heart leapt.

3 thoughts on “Inbox”

  1. My sister called me using my mom's cell phone. I was at work, and picked up my cell to answer and when I saw "Mom's Cell" and her picture as the incoming call, I just about fell out of my chair.

    It wasn't fun…

  2. I emailed my dead grandmother when I found out I got accepted into my doctoral program. I really hoped they had email in heaven.

  3. Nearly six months after my father died, someone began calling my cell phone from the number my father had used. The first time I saw "Dad Cell" come up on my phone, I felt this strange slipping of time, as if the universe was off its axis. Finally, I answered.

    "Someone from this number keeps calling me!" the man said.

    I never once dialed that number.

    After that call, I decided it was time to erase the number from my contacts. It was my father speaking to me, I felt.

    It was one of the hardest, saddest things I ever had to do.

    I found you from the NY Times. I can't stop reading your blog. Your words offer me some glimpse into what my mother experienced when she lost her husband of 37 years, my dad.

    I wish I could reach through the screen and hold you, just hold you and shush you and listen to you.

    My prayers are with you and your daughter.

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