So, I had to download some videos and photos on your iphone to your computer because mine just doesn’t have enough memory. While I was on your computer just now I noticed 2 things:

First, you had an empty folder under albums entitled “Europe.” I remember you’d just moved all of your photos to your hard drive before you left, but you must have left or created that one for the photos you would take in Europe. I will put them in there for you Dan- don’t worry.
Second, I found a folder entitled “Projects” and under it “Honeymoon.” And there was a card that you were making. It must have been for our anniversary. You had put three photos from our honeymoon together for the front of the card. The photos were really lo-res because we had a horrible camera back then and could only take like 15 pictures or something. I was always disappointed we didn’t have any great ones from our honeymoon- but these are enough for me. I am touched that you were making me this card- and I wonder what you were planning to write inside. Even though I know you and can guess- I’m sure it would’ve been different- because you are so “other” than me as C.S. Lewis wrote after his wife died. That is what’s missing from every memory- and every future thing I try to conjure up- the unpredictable quality of another human being.
I want to say thank you for the card.

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