God Jul

In the winter before the holidays, you were touring in Europe. You wrote me that you kept seeing the words “God Jul” everywhere in Scandinavia. You thought it was a sign- God telling you to put him and me first in your life.

I looked it up and discovered it meant Merry Christmas in Danish.
Since I am part Danish and liked the sentiment that it had impressed upon you- I believe that was another bond we shared- always looking for signs and symbols in our life together- I decided to have special burlap stockings with the words God Jul made from an Etsy shop. I ordered four because we were planning on having another baby soon and I wanted all of our stockings to match.
Four stockings- I have four stockings.

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  1. Heartbreaking. My heart hurts for you, and I don't even know you. Your writing makes you feel so familiar. I can't tell you if this is the passion you were searching for through this tragedy, but it is certainly your gift.

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